SC Belga de la Brunerie (Sena)


Date of Birth: 18th June 2006

Color: Blue Tabby (SBI a 21)

Country: France

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

7 years

Father: IC Wagner D'Avillon

Mother: GIC Utara de la Brunerie

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7 years

Titles: FIFe Supreme Champion

2 Best In Show

8 Nominations to Best in Show

2Best in Variety

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6 years & a half
6 years & a half
5 years
4 years
3 years & a half

Sena, as the river of Paris, is from France, the original country of Birmans. We are more than grateful to her breeder Marie, for helping so much in our begginings and trust this wonderful cat.

3 years

Sena is the peace maker, she is very calmed and she imposes peace of mind to the rest of cats, since she doesn't like the fuss. She is happy sleeping in a fluffy place and even better, close to us.

2 years

She was well liked by all, as she is the boss that all other respect. She is balance of the house, she always know how to behave, even with the most difficult Guajira. She got that Guajira accepted to be mummy-mates.

2 years

Sena is a very big birman with enormous deep blue eyes. So, she has very open expression, although we would like a more roman profile. Furthermore, her contrast remain so good since her body is very very pale at almost 7 years old.

11 months
7 months
4 months