Spectacular Spectacular Sunny Queen *ES, JW (Peti)

Date of Birth: 20th March 2011

Color: Blue (SBI a)

Country: Spain

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

10 months

Father: SC Hero Diamo von Imporio A

Mother: Leyenda del Alendérgole

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10 months

Show Titles: JUNIOR WINNER, Champion

5 Best In Shows

10 Nominations to Best in Show

4 Best in Variety

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9 months
7 months
5 months (Picture: Joaquín Pueche©)
4 months
3 months

Peti is the second girl that we kept after Nala x Mozart mating. Although it wasn't in our plans keeping her, after see how she was developing we couldn't resist.

2 months

And we haven't regret, since she has many of the characteristics that we like in a birman. Thus, she has proved it in the shows, she has become the first Spanish birman to win the JUNIOR WINNER title!

1 month and a half

This title is achived when a kitten wins 5 BIS from 3 to 10 months. But Peti got it in only two months and a half!. She has been BIS in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria.

1 month

Furthermore, her nature is adorable. She is a very quite girl that doesn't ask for too much affection, but when she gets it, she begins to purr without stop. She is very friend of Audrey and both run around the home playing together, also she adores her "adoptive daddy" Misty.

3 weeks

We are very proud of her and we hope that she will evolve into a very pretty birman. Since although now she is in a bit unbalanced teenager time, in our opinion she has very good head and profile and a beautiful femenine look ;-)

1 week