Leyenda del Alendérgole *ES (Nala)


Date of Birth: 26th June 2006

Color: Seal (SBI n)

Country: Spain

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

5 years & a half

Father: SC Railway's Badalinho

Mother: IC Utopia v. Sechseishen

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5 years & a half

Nala doesn't like to go out of home, so we prefer respect her and although she has very good qualities and markings, she stays at home whe we go to the shows ;-)

5 years & a half
3 years & a half
3 years & a half
2 years & a half
2 years

Nala is our first birman and she is other of the cornerstones of our cattery, since with Mozart she has given us really beautiful baibies, as Guajira and Peti. We thank to Juan Jesús for trusting in us in our begginings!

2 years

Nala tenderness and intelligence makes her being a special cat. She knows to be able getting all wants with her sweet face, and she knows to ask our caress when she need it. She is so expressive that with her glance is like if she would be speaking, and she is like a diesel motor when she is purring.

9 months

She is one of the boss of the group and she adores our labradors Kiara and Laika. She spends the day and overall the night sleeping with them. Even she ask them strongly for cares if they are not paying the attention that she deserves.

7 months

She is a birman with an extraordinary fluffy coat. And she has and almost perfect head with very rounded forehead and short profile and she is better and better every day. And, her contrast remains very good. If she would have deeper eyecolour and stronger bones she would be perfect...

3 months