IP SC Lazarillo del Alendérgole *ES (Misty)


Date of Birth: 30th May 2006

Color: Blue Tabby (SBI a 21)

Country: Spain

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

4 years & a half

Father: Jaque Mate del Alendérgole

Mother: Ultra Gaïa de L'Iris Dorée

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4 years & a half

Títulos: FIFe Supreme Champion
Premior FIFe

2 Best In Show

15 Nominations to Best in Show

3 Best in Variety

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4 years & a half
4 years & a half
4 years & a half
3 years & a half
3 years & a half

Misty is our first stud and he gave us several beautiful kittens. We have his line across Europe, in Czech, UK or Denmark so we have decided is time to enjoy in our sofa as a neuter. We thank Juan Jesús for trust in us once more time.

2 years & a half

Misty is like a dog, he is very affectionate and loves being with us. He likes kissing our faces and sprawling beside us. He walks around our legs and then he lies down so that we can caress him. He loves playing ball, we throw it and he brings it.


1 year y half

He adores the cat girls, but Audrey is his favourite. Since she arrived at our home he takes care of her, makes a fuss about her, and follows her wherever she goes. It is incredible the relationship among them. Although now he knows that Guajira also need his caress ;-)

1 year

He has evolved very well, so we know that we have to wait three or four years to see a complete developed birman. He has a super strong boning, very deep and open eyes although his ears could be smaller. He has a sweet and wild look that we love it.

11 months
9 months
8 months