Oasis Litter

Kitten born on 20 September 2011

Guajira (I.C. Guajira Sunny Queen) x Misty (S.C. Lazarillo del Alendérgole)

FIFe Shows: International Champion, 2 Best In Shows (Elvas and Geneve), 8 Nom to BIS, 5 Best In Variety

FIFe Shows: Supreme Champion, 1 Best In Show (Batalha), 9 Nom to BIS, 3 Best In Variety

Expected colors: Seal, Seal Tabby, Blue and Blue Tabby
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What is your name?


I'm a Boy

What is your color?

I am Seal (SBI n)

How is your quality?

I am a pet

Are you available?

There is an option for me

Can I see more pics?

If you click here you'll se my pics