Egyptians Litter

Kittens born on 2 April 2009

Audrey (I.C. Xaylianne van Cheops) x Misty (G.I.C. Lazarillo del Alendérgole)

Expected colors: Males Blue, Blue Tabby, Creme and Creme Tabby / Females Blue, Blue Tabby, Blue-Creme y Blue-Creme Tabby

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What is your name?






What is your color?

I am Creme (SBI e)

My parents say my color is Blue Tabby (SBI a 21)

My color is Blue-Creme (SBI g)

So I am Blue (SBI a)

I am Blue-Creme (SBI g)

How is your quality?

I am very good for show/neuter

I am a perfect kitten of pet quality

It looks I have good type and marcks, so I am for show/neuter

I am a good kitten for show/breed, since a good type and marcks

I am very pretty so I'm good for show/neuter

Any new?

I live in Madrid with my new sister Cristina and her parents

I live near my birth place with my new family and dogs

I am the sweetest girl of my house in Barcelona

I'm going to live in Belgium in the cattery where my mother was born

I live in a beautiful country house with my new birman brother Spencer

Can I see more pics?

Here you can see a lot of pictures of mine

Click here and you will see my pictures

To see my pictures click here

Click here to see more pictures of mine

My pictures are here


Egyptians Litter Video (10 weeks)