IC DK Silky Sox Rosa (Jul)


Date of Birth: 21th May 2008

Color: Chocolate (SBI b)

Country: Denmark

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

3 years & a half

Father: GIC DK Soekjaer's Grinni

Mother: IC DK Silky Sox Mocca

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3 years & a half

Titles: FIFe International Champion

4 Best In Show

10 Nominations to Best in Show

1 Best in Variety

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3 years & a half
3 years & a half
2 years
1 year & a half
10 months

Jul come from Denmark. Her real name is Silky Sox Rosa, although her nickname is Jul that means Christmas in Danish. We are very grateful to Mette Usbeck for offering such amazing girl to us.

10 months

Jul is a funny cat that meows very weak to ask us for cares and she makes like a roll in the floor, so we call her “croquette”. She is very sweet but we have to take care with her affection because sometimes she bit us very strong to say “I love you" ;-)

7 months

She is the very best friend of her daugther Gaia, they walk around always together and with Gnomo, both love him very much. So far, she had only one baby, Gaia, but we hope soon see if her second litter repeat the quality of her!

7 months

Jul is a very compact birman, with perfect markings. But the best things are her super rounded head and the excellent roman profile. If we have to mention some little defects we could ask darker eyes and mask colour, but we cannot be so exigent xD

6 months
5 months
4 months