GIC Guajira Sunny Queen *ES (Guajira)


Date of Birth: 5th June 2008

Color: Seal (SBI n)

Country: Spain

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

2 years & a half

Father: SC Hero Diamo von Imporio A

Mother: Leyenda del Alendérgole

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2 years & a half

Titles: : FIFe Grand International Champion

2 Best In Show

10 Nominations Best in Show

7 Best in Variety

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2 years
1 year y half
1 year & a half
1 year & a half
1 year & a half

Guajira is our dreamed girl. From our beginning we wanted a “Nala” breeded by us and we get at first, in our Cuba litter (Nala x Mozart).

1 year & a half

She is a dive and the worse is that she knows it, so we worship her. When she comes to us with her super open eyes (as mum) and the tail in her neck (as dad) she knows that she can ask us for everything, and when we look her she begins to purr.

11 months

She has earned the respect of all other felines, who treat her like the queen that is :-P Her best friend is Misty. She likes to be with him and sleep with him meanwhile he kiss her. Furthermore, she respect very much to her mummy Nala.

8 months

Although we would like that she would have daddy eye colour, she has inherit other qualities of him, as the size, the tiny ears and the coat. However she is more similar to her mum, since she has the same head, profile and look.

6 months
2 months
1 month