IC Gaia Sunny Queen *ES (Gaia)

Date of Birth : 29th September 2009

Color: Lilac (SBI c)

Country: Spain

Test Negatives: FIV, FELV and PKD

2 years

Father: SC Hero Diamo von Imporio A

Mother: IC DK Silky Sox Rosa

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2 years

Títulos: FIFe Grand International Champion

2 Best In Show

10 Nominations to Best in Show

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2 years
2 years
9 months
7 months
5 months

Gaia born after a difficult labor of Jul. It was our G litter (Jul x Mozart) and it was a miracle save her life so we decided to called her Gaia, because of Gaia hypothesis. She was the only kitten and soon we fallen in love with her, so we decided that we keep her at home no matter how she will evolve.

4 months

She has inherited all the best from her parents. From daddy she has the deep eye colour and the super tail. And from mummy she has the head, full cheeks, good muzzle, open expression and roman nose, not so extreme as mummy, but we cannot ask her more… Or yes, she could have the coat of daddy :P

3 months

She likes to be the centre of attention of the visits and she gains all the people that come home, kissing their faces without stop. She is the best friend of her mummy Jul and Gnomo, the play and sleep always together.

3 months

We were so courios to have her first litter and see her kittens, who finally were really beautiful with a super temperament! We are very happy with her as show and breeding girl!

1 month
4 weeks
5 days