Birman Character

The Birmans are very social cats that like living between other cats. They are excellent pet-friends because they love to be together their owner and follow them wherever they go. If a Birman is alone at home, s/he will wait sleeping or doing his/her occupations until we arrive. In this moment, when s/he feels us s/he wakes up to say hello and they walk around our legs with the tail up.

They are talking cats, but they meow in an affectionate sweet tone of voice. Some of them purr so much and very frequently. They love play alone or with other cats, but overall with his owner. They like follow little balls or feather waggler cat toys.

They can adapt easily to a house in which their habitants are out some part of the day, but in this case the birman would happier if s/he has the company of another cat, to sleep and play together.

All this information is found in the birman books, but after some year living together the birmans, we meet them very well. And although, every one has his/her own personality, many of them are very social and super sweet. So they are all the day follow to their owners. For this reason, when we hear the people says that the cats are unfriendly animals, we always remember the times that between our keyboard and our PC screen we have three or more cats asking for cuddle ;-) Even they are very friendly between them, some times they need their doses of human cuddles, without sharing the cuddles with another cat, haha. This situation consist in being stroked while they walk around us with the tail up and giving us some headed at the same time that they purr and meow in a sweet way.

In general, they are calm cats. They sleep so much, but also the need company and they like that their owners pay them attention and play with them. Overall when they are kittens, that they more active and playful, so we must to play with them to spend energy. At home with have several cats, so they enjoy between them and they are not so dependent of us. However the birmans that lives only with their owners will be always follow them.

Apart of this, every one has his/her particularities, for instance some love to be in arms and to be strongly embraced and others prefer the cuddle but meanwhile they are free. Some of them play with toy balls bring them as a dog, others likes jump after a waggler and other prefers the mice toys and they catch them as a prey. Instead others, when they are adults, are not so playful. On the other hand, some birmans are more exigent with their cuddles and they always want to be the only protagonist and other are satisfied with the cuddle that you want to give them. The same happens with the visits, some like to be the centre of attention and other prefers to stay in the background observing the situation.

In the video section you can see some samples of the character of these so special cats, that we love them.