"Sunny Queen" Story


Welcome to our furry world that consists of our Birmans (Misty, Sena, Nala, Audrey, Mozart, Jul, Guajira, Gaia and Peti), our pet-cat (Gnomo), our Labradors dogs (Laika & Kiara) and us (Javi & Nadia). This is for now, because we hope our birman family keeps increasing!!!

"Sunny Queen" is dedicated with all our love to the two pet-friends that we lost. We miss them so much and they will be in our hearts forever. Our little Suny aroused in us the love and the curiosity about the feline world, but he left us so soon, leaving a great hole in us. And the beautiful Queen left us while we were preparing this project. During ten wonderful years she offered us all her love, we will never forget her. Because both of them we love so much the animals, especially dog and cats.

After we lost Suny, we only thought about him, so we were undecided to have more cats, because we suffered so much with his lost. But, as it is well-known by the people that has had the opportunity of having a cat, we could not resist to the wonderful feline world. So we began to search for a cat, but this time we wanted a quiet and home-loving cat, because we wouldn't give him the freedom to go outside.

We found this breed, the Sacred Birman cat, and our admiration by it grown quickly. It is a not very well-known breed in Spain, so we decided to adventure us into the world of breeding Birmans. In such a way, we could let Spanish people enjoy these beautiful cats, apart form to make our own breeding line and to contribute with this wonderful breed.

So we began to searching for our first females of breeding and show quality. The first one was Nala (Leyenda del Alendérgole-E), a seal point girl with a beautiful head and an excellent and long coat, with many hair around her head and neck during winter. Nala is very sweet, but she stresses easily with any change, so we prefer leave her at home when we go to the cat shows, although her characteristics are very good for shows. Furthermore, she has very good lines in her pedigree, such as the Danish Kiru's and Sofie's. In addition, her great-grandfather is the famous World Winner WW&EC Änghagens Purple Pride, DM. Until now, she have had four litters of two kittens each one that have got her best qualities, as her super coat and open expression.

The next female was Sena (GIC Belga de La Brunerie), she is blue tabby and is from France. In her pedigree she has French, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss ancient lines. Her best characteristics are her wonderful eye colour, her great size and her really birman expression. She is FIFe Grand International Champion and she has gotten two Best in Variety, eight Nominations for Best in Show and two Best In Shows!! Sena is mother of four litters in which most of the kittens has inherit her super eye colour and some of them are really good for show/breed. .

Then, it was the time to bring our first stud, so Misty (S.C. Lazarillo del Alendérgole-E) arrived to our lives, a blue tabby birman with a very attractive wild look and a really deep blue eye colour. He also is perfectly marked and has a very good bones structure. Among his lines we can emphasize his grandfather, E.C. Play Boy de l'Iris Dorée, a really beautiful French boy with many successes in shows, apart from his German prestigious lines as von Sechseichen. Misty is now FIFe Supreme Champion and has gotten three Best in Variety and nine Nominations to the Best in Show and one Best in Show!! He has gotten the most of the awards the last year of his career. This shows us that his development is really good and that we must wait long time to see the evolution of a birman. As he has descendent of his lines in several countries as UK or Denmark, we have decided that is time to rest. So, now he is a neuter happy cat that lives in our sofa. We hope soon to begin his show career as a neuter.

Afterwards, we decided to increase our birman family, and after a meticulous search we incorporated another girl and another boy to our cattery. We collected to Audrey (GIC Xaylianne van Cheops) in Belgium. She is a lilac-crème girl, that is a colour very admired by breeders and judges. She has a very feminine expression, an excellent eye colour and she is already FIFe Grand International Champion, getting a Nomination to Best in Show. Furthermore, two of the most famous lines are mixed in her pedigree, the Australian Shakandah and the Swedish Backkara's. She is a super mum and she has litters with many strong kittens. In her first litter four kittens of more thatn 110gr each one were born, in the second one she had five kittens of 100gr each one, in the third one she had four kittens of 100gr each one and in the fourth one she reaped the same. Three of her kittens are show birmans with good results.

We picked up our second male in Austria, because of that we called him Mozart, although his real name is SC. Hero-Diamo von Imporio A. Mozart is a lilac birman with very good qualities, such as, his big size and structure, silky and furry coat, lilac eye colour and little ears. His pedigree has mainly German lines, such as his daddy E.C. Tiny Icebear De la Bonita, which is an excellent male with many Best in Shows. Mozart is now FIFe Supreme Champion, so he has finished his career. He has been Nominated nine times to the Best in Show and he has won Best in Show twice.

From our third litter (Cuba Litter) we decided to keep one of the two seal point girls that were born, since both of them were really good. Finally, we kept IC Guajira Sunny Queen *ES. She has the best feature of her parents Nala (Leyenda del Alendérgole-E) and Mozart (SC Hero Diamo von Imporio A). She has her mummy's head and profile, but with her daddy's tiny ears and size, and her eye colour is almost as beautiful as her daddy's one. In addition, she has a soft and long coat. For all these reasons, in her shows as kitten and young, she has received five Best in Variety, four Nominations to the Best in Show and two Best in Shows!!! She won one of her BIS in the big show on Geneva in Switzerland. Now she is FIFe International Champion and in her first shows as adult she has four Nominations!! We are very proud of that, because it is a big success to obtain a very good birman of our own line in our third litter.

Before deciding to keep Guajira, we wanted to bring another chocolate girl. After a very long time waiting, we picked up Jul (IC DK Silky Sox Rosa) from Denmark. She had many of the characteristics that complemented our birmans: a good head with an excellent roman profile, apart form to be a well balanced and rounded girl with very strong bones and a beautiful coat. Furthermore, she comes from our favourite lines, the Danish ones, Silky Sox, Soekjaer's, Kiru's and Shengo. The show results have could not be better, because when she assisted as young she won one Best in Variety, five Nominations and two Best in Shows!! Now she is FIFe International Champion and she got her five Nominations and two Best in Show as adult.

From the first litter of Jul (Ch. DK Silky Sox Rosa) and Mozart (G.I.C. Hero Diamo von Imporio A) a girl was born, Gaia Sunny Queen *ES. We can resist to her and we keep her at home, because she has the best qualities of her parents: good size, strong bone structure, excellent head, roman profile, deep blue eye colour, little ears, and so on. We hope she will have many success in shows as her mother or her sister Guajira Sunny Queen *ES. And no less important is her wonderful character. She is a really funny and sweet girl. With only four months she got two Nomination to Best in Show in her first show!! In her second show she have got two Nominations and one Best in Show!!! And she finished her shows as young with other two Nominations! Now she is FIFe International Champion and she has gotten her first Nomination as adult!

And the last one in arrive (although it wasn't planned), was Spectacular Spectacular Sunny Queen *ES JW, daugther of Nala (Leyenda del Alendérgole-E) and Mozart (CS Hero Diamo von Imporio A). We call her Peti. When she was developing we knew that she must stay, since she has all the qualities that we search in a Birman. A almost perfect head with roman profile and beautiful open expression. It is not easy to have both things at the same time. Furthermore, she has a super coat and spectacular tail. Thus, she is proven at shows, since she is the first birman in Spain to achieve the important Junior Winner title!! We are very proud of her. In the shows as youngster she got five Best in Shows (in Spain, Portugal, Belgiun and Bulgaria), eight Nominations and three Best in Variety (all the ones that she competed for).

"Sunny Queen" is a FIFe cattery (ASFE no. 1938). Our dedication to the birman breeding is done with many love and we hope to get a very sweet and healthy kittens, as beautiful as their parents. We really love our cats and of course they live with us and our dogs. In such a way, they are very social and friendly, and all the people that comes to home fall in love with them. None of them live shut away in any place, they all live inside of our home with us, even the males. We have built outside a "Birman Garden" for them, where they can take air in a safety way.

We want to make everything correctly, so all our cats are very good birmans, they have many champions in their pedigrees and they are tested of the main viral and genetic illness. Furthermore, the future kittens will be socialized with the humans, with our other cats and with our dogs. We expect that they will be wonderful birmans in all the senses. We will select meticulously the future owners of our kittens and we would like to keep in touch with them for both: to see the evolution of the kitten and to help in everything that they can need.

Only we want to let you know that if sometime you have the opportunity to live with a Birman, we are sure that you will fall in love with him/her as fast as us. Even, soon you will want to have more than one birman.

Kind Greetings,

Javi, Nadia & all the Family.