Sunny Queen Cattery

Our house is very well suited to the comfort of our cats and dogs. We have a big and light ground floor house, where they live all together in all the rooms. We have also big outdoor places. The back courtyard is for our dogs and on the front courtyard our cats have a protected catrun where they can go to take sun under surveillance. Below you can see pictures and more explanations about our "Birman Garden".

We don't like that any of our cats lives lonely or closed, so everybody is with everybody and almost never a cat is alone. The only problem is that our two boys can not live together because they fight. Then, when Misty is on the living room, Mozart is in other room and vice versa, but always with the company of some girls or our neutered pet cat, Gnomo. On other hand, we also keep separated the females in hot when they must not be mated.

Our cats are members of the family and they share all the life with us: they sleep in our room, they are in the kitchen with the dogs while we are eating or they are around us while we work at the study. We work many times at home because we have a flexible work timetable. This allows us look after the litters that grow in our bedroom and with our cares. In this way, we have very socialized and sweet kittens.

As you can see in the pictures, we have all the things that the cats need in every room: food, water, litter boxes, cat trees, cushions, blankets, cat beds and toys. Furthermore the windows of all the rooms are protected with a metallic mesh, in order to allow them go on the windowsill without risks to run away.

Play room



Living room

Living room




To enable our cats enjoy the sunny days of Malaga they have their "Birman Garden". It is a protected space with a net designed specially for cats. They are able to be here when we are at home and we can take them a look. Although they don't want to run away and the net is well fixed, this is not the same than a metallic mesh or similar. Furthermore, there is a risk of other cats have contact with them thought the net and transmit the some illness, so they can not go outside without surveillance.

In this space they can have sun laying in the large flowerpots with stones or take shelter in some cat-houses for sleep. Furthermore, they can play with some artificial plants that are placed to cover the place and they prefer tu use them for catch and bite ;-)

Birman Garden

Birmans having sun

In these pictures you can see the steps that we followed to build our Birman Garden.

We clean all the zone

Large flowerpots and stones
for the separation


We put the artificial grass, the vinylic
floor and the flowerpots and stones

We fill with little stones


We have the place well

Lattices with large flowerpots
to fix the net


Birmans looking their new space

We fix the net to the ceiling,
to the wall and to the lattices


Little stones to fill the flowerpots
that are over the net

Net held below to the flowerpots


We decorate whit artificial plants

Canopy for saving them
of the direct sun


Kittens enjoying behind the net

Birmans looking their new garden


Sena lied down in the vinylic floor

Audrey resting in the wicker


Birmans sleeping in a Summer day

Nala having a rest
on the artifial grass


Guajira and Gaia playing

Jul washing Gaia